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Election of Board Members - January 23, 2020

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations to be on the Central Ohio Chapter CAI Board of Directors! We have many outstanding and qualified candidates who will serve our Chapter well in the years ahead.  As you may know, the Board is composed of seven Directors, which to the extent possible, include:

One (1) Community Association Leader & Homeowner Member;
Two (2) Community Association Manager Members;
Two (2) Business Partner Members; and
Two (2) At-Large Members.

In addition, the composition of At-Large seats on the Board of Directors cannot provide any one membership class with more than fifty percent of the seats on the Board of Directors.  As a result of this formula, in 2020 we will have one community association leader, one community association manager, and one business partner up for election, and all three positions will be for a three year term.  Their terms will begin at the end of the January 23, 2020 Annual Meeting.

The 2020 Candidates to be voted on at the annual meeting are (please click the candidate name below to review their application for office):

2020 Candidates for office (1 from each category to be elected):

Volunteer Leader:

Jeni Hile, Timbers Edge

Community Association Manager:

Jim Ambrosio, Link Real Estate Group
Bryan Herd, Towne Properties Asset Management Company
Lisa Mills, Vaughan Group Ltd.
Karen Murphy, The Case Bowen Company

Business Partner:

Jennifer Huber, Brosius, Johnson & Griggs, LLC
Ty Kashmiry, American Family Insurance Ty Kashmiry

Again, we will elect one nominee from each membership class.  Voting will take place at the 2020 annual meeting.  If you cannot attend the annual meeting, members in good standing may authorize a proxy to submit their ballot at the Annual Meeting on January 23, 2020. Please click the following link, Proxy for 2020 Annual Meeting, to view and print the proxy form.

Thank you and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jeff Kaman
Nominating Committee Chair

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