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Central Ohio Chapter CAI - Summertime in Columbus!

Happy Summer!  We're enjoying a good summer here in Columbus and want to remind you that there are some opportunities for you to spend time with your Chapter colleagues and friends! Check these out:

Here's what a volunteer board member shares about the Leadership Development workshop:

I believe every volunteer board member living in a condo or homeowner community should attend this workshop. As a condo owner and board member, I learned endless amounts of information which are aides to help me become a better board member in my community. I did not fully understand fiduciary responsibilities I became subject to when serving as a board member. I became aware of how our by laws apply to our community and everyday business matters. They are the hard guidelines of what association board can and cannot do. I learned better ways to create a more accurate annual budget and what a huge tool reserve studies offer that I can use while serving on our budget committee. I serve on my community's rules committee and this workshop helped me assist our community with writing and communicating rules which are enforceable. I strongly recommend this workshop to re-elected as an update to their knowledge base and new board members to begin to understand their role.

The luncheon on the 27th features information and a question/answer session about 'reserves' - a topic every community has to manage!

The golf outing is the perfect opportunity to get together with your friends and just enjoy! There are some extra fun games in store this year plus a great dinner to wind up the day.

Finally, the Trade Show will take place in September this year allowing volunteer board leaders and community managers the chance to meet with our business partners before you set your budgets for 2018.

We invite you to join us for any or all the events planned with you in mind. Jusu click the links above to register.

And, remember, we've made it easy for you to share these opportunities with others. Simply click the 'Forward to a Friend' link at the bottom of this message and you can send it along with a personal message.

Thanks for your support of our Chapter and I look forward to seeing you soon! 


Nicholas Barnes
Chapter President

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