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Election of Board Members - January 10, 2019

The Central Ohio Chapter CAI Board of Directors is composed of seven (7) Directors, which shall, to the extent possible, include:

One (1) Community Association Leader & Homeowner Member;
Two (2) Community Association Manager Members;
Two (2) Business Partner Members; and
Two (2) At-Large Members.

The composition of At-Large seats on the Board of Directors shall not provide any one membership class with more than fifty percent (50%) of the seats on the Board of Directors.

We will elect one member to a 3-year Board term. The opening is available for a Community Association Leader & Homeowner or Business Partner Members. The term will begin at the end of the January 10, 2019 Annual Meeting. Please click the candidate name below to review their application for office.

2019 Candidates for office (1 to be elected):

Michelle Hoffman , ResQ 24 by Thompson Building Associates

Julie Jaram , Devin & Associates

Mike Lange , Able Roof, Crane Renovation Group

Note: No applications were submitted from a Community Association Leader & Homeowner Member.

Members in good standing may authorize a proxy to submitt their ballot at the Annual Meeting on January 10, 2019. Please click the following link, Proxy for 2019 Annual Meeting , to view and print the proxy form.


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